Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Ten Ways To Know If Your Car Is a Beater

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Ok, right now, I'm driving a vehicle that was built in this century, but it wasn't always that way.
And while I have driven used cars, I have not driven a car that qualifies according to this list:
From the site:
As we collectively start tightening our belts and begin to brave the storm that is the economic apocalypse, it quickly becomes second nature to cut corners here and there, in the hopes of stretching every dollar to its limit. One of the first treasures in a person's possession that's going to bear the brunt of this new economy is their car. Perhaps it starts with an ignored "Check Engine" light, or maybe a trick you have to learn to close the passenger door. Then one day, you wake up and suddenly realize you're driving a full-blown hooptie.
Before you go to the link, put your drink down!!! You have been warned :-)!!

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