Saturday, November 1, 2008

Palin, Palin, Palin...

Made you look ... :-) Here it is... 

Palin takes prank call from fake French president 

Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, attends a rally at the West Port High School in Ocala, Fla., Saturday, Nov.1, 2008. (AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)

Ok... All I have to say on this story is two words:

Call screening.

You would think that with all of the jokes, TV shows, and videos floating around about this VP nominee, before anyone let her near a phone, the call would be verified by someone who is familiar with international phone protocols for heads of state (is there such a thing?).

Not very nice, Masked Avengers... not. very. nice. And jeers to the staff that let it happen.

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