Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day Is Over, It's Back to 'Normal'...

Why we don't want a black president (hey, it makes as much sense as anything else I've read!)

Navy Develops Cool New 'Ping' unfortunately, it's the audio equivalent of the 'Red Shirt'!

US Takes Out Debt Consolidation Loan
The interest to principle ratio is going to be murder!

AOL To Build Free Home Pages For The Homeless But do they get free internet access?

Google Plans to Destroy Information It Can't Index Doesn't this go against their 'don't be evil' creed?

Word of the Day: Concupiscence (noun)

Pronunciation: [kahn-kyê-'pi-shênts]

Definition: A powerful lust, especially sexual, for something.

Usage: The word is often used as the antonym of Platonic love. St. Augustine wrote on marriage and concupiscence, noting that the avoidance of concupiscence toward the spouses of others is not enough; married couples should extirpate it from their relationship, too.

Suggested Usage: The word may be used metaphorically to express a strong, visceral desire for anything: "Her concupiscence for chocolate keeps her in Tae Bo classes constantly." You might also say, "His concupiscence for work left his family in despair," instead of calling him a workaholic.

Etymology: Latin concupiscere "to desire ardently", from com- "with" + cupere "to desire". The stem cup- underlies "Cupid" and "cupidity", from cupido "desire".
–Dr. Language,


Cartoon by hugh macleod

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