Monday, November 5, 2007

Pensioner angered by being asked for ID ... Paprs, please!!

GALLIVARE, Sweden, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- A Swedish septuagenarian seeking beer angrily stormed out of a Gallivare supermarket after the cashier demanded to see his ID.

Per-Eric Henricsson said he was buying a crate of low-alcohol beer for a Swedish Association for Senior Citizens meeting when the cashier demanded he show proof that he is over 18-years-old, The Local reported Wednesday.

"The girl demanded to see ID despite the fact that I was clearly a man of mature years. I told her I was over 18 and had no intention of showing my ID card," Henricsson said.

The man said he took his business elsewhere after the store manager agreed with the cashier that exceptions cannot be made to the store's ID policy.

Iris Dimitri, a Left Party councilor in the town, defended the actions of the supermarket employees.

"They are not supposed to sell alcohol and tobacco products to people under 18 and it's not always that easy to tell," she said. [I guess that he looked pretty young?!? - LaVeda]


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