Monday, November 26, 2007

For Those Who Have a Hard Time Waking Up...

Hand Grenade Alarm Clock

This alarm clock has the shape of an actual hand granade and it only stops ringing when you toss it. This crazy gadget is of course from Japan.

The Toyo Trading Co. is marketing the Hand Grenade Alarm Clock, which sells for 2,000 Yen (~$17) in Japan.

The measurements of the hand grenade alarm clock are 80x115mm and has a shock-resistant body to with stand your target throwing exercises in the morning.

A sensor inside (yes, no explosives) detects the shock when the grenade lands and turns off the alarm.
Via Nikkei. This Japanese shop sells the Hand Grenade alarm clock for $49 international.

Parents who have kids that will not get up in the morning should check out the Sonic Grenade Alarm that sells for $9.45 on The video below shows how that one works.


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